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Shamanic Heart Path

- the way of the white reindeer


Embark on a Transformative Journey!

The Way of The White Reindeer program is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Shamanism—the world's oldest spiritual tradition. Our exploration is deeply grounded in the living experiences inherited from our Sami shamanic ancestry, weaving together the threads of indigenous traditions worldwide and embracing the pulse of contemporary shamanism.

← Listen to the Sámi creation story of the White Reindeer
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About The Program

✨Strengthen your connection

Join us for these six immersive weekend modules spanning over 18 months, and witness firsthand how this profound experience will not just strengthen but deepen your connection with Mother Earth and the universal and elemental forces. Beyond a series of modules, this is a life-altering journey that will reshape your understanding of self, nature, and the interconnected tapestry of existence.

🌿 Become more authentic

"The Way of the White Reindeer" isn't just a program; it's a powerful healing process. The work is a harmonious fusion of ancestral wisdom and modern understanding of how the human psyhce function. Our practices are well proven through the ages and also confirmed by contemporary science.

You have the opportunity to unveil your inner strength and authenticity, fostering a deeper connection between your heart, nature and spirit, with the help of ancient shamanic knowledge, healing not only yourself but also your relationships, family line, and the future generations. 

🌟Living from the Heart:

Living from the heart is an art, and at Vaajma, we understand that there are no fixed recipes in life. Each of us is different, we brings unique gifts to the world, perceiving life and nature in our own distinct ways. Our goal is to help you find clarity and strength to walk your incomparable way. You will learn foundational shamanic practices and uncover the secrets to leading a harmonious life in our modern society.


🌐 Join Our Network of Inspired Souls:

By enrolling in our program, you become part of a network of inspired souls—a community that heals, supports, inspires, and empowers each other. Immerse yourself in a direct approach to life and nature, walking a path that leads to balance, happiness, and joy in the modern world.

🌈 Embark on this extraordinary journey

Experience how these living shamanic practices can guide you towards a life of profound equilibrium, joy, and fulfillment. The path to discovery begins now. Will you walk it with us?




A New Path

  • Meditation & expanded awareness​

  • Shamanic drum journeys​

  • Balance and grounding​

  • Creating a sacred space​

  • The secrets of intention​

  • Elements & directions​

  • Different planes/worlds​

  • Sámi mythology


The Shamanic Heart

  • The art of listening

  • Energetic hygiene

  • Shamanic heart meditation

  • Heart Psychology

  • Empathic understanding

  • Vertical consciousness

  • Shamanic heart constellations


The Power of Rituals

  • Rituals & Ceremonial work

  • Shamanic breathwork

  • Element yoga & dance

  • Building an altar

  • Exploration of the elemental forces

  • The use of nature in healing work


Clearing the Timeline

  • The art of healing touch

  • Transforming the ancestral wounds

  • Traveling the timeline

  • Intuitive channels

  • Archetypical understanding

  • Temporal regression protocol


World of Relationships

  • Relationship work

  • Energetic cord meditation

  • Horizontal consciousness

  • Cord cutting

  • Connection to the ancestral line and helping spirits

  • Inner alchemy and sexual wisdom


Rites of Passage
(4 days in nature)

  • Elemental immersion

  • Shadow and light work

  • Building a shelter in nature

  • Vision quest

  • The art of creating a sacred fire

  • Rites of Passage ceremonies

Modul 1 & 2

Module 1

A New Path

In this module we will learn the basics of the ancestral, shamanic knowledge that have been kept and cultivated since ancient times by the indigenous people of the earth. In a practical and direct way, by learning how to go into different states of awareness and learn from nature and spirit directly.

You will be given the basic tools in shamanic work and together we will investigate the wisdom of nature and shamanic knowledge. 

You will be given the opportunity to understand, in a direct and practical way, the basic building blocks of our existence, and how you can use this ancient knowledge to live a more balanced and happy life in the modern world. 

Module 2

The Shamanic Heart

This module is dedicated to the healing and the understanding of the heart, connection to mother earth’s heart, and the heart of the universe. We do the work together, in a supportive, natural and caring environment, so that you can feel safe to let go of old patterns and restrictions that have been holding you back from living the way you were intended to.

You will learn how to tune into your empathic channels and get clarity on how to use them to understand the relationship to yourself and other beings.

During this module you will take part in the ancient shamanic tradition of heart constellations. This work will immerse you into deep contact with the nature of your own heart, open you up for the heart’s language and give you tools to communicate with the wisdoms and dreams of your shamanic heart. Throughout this module we will work to further strengthen our connection to the core of mother earth and the vast universe.

Module 3

The Power of Rituals

In the history of humanity, rituals and ceremonies have always been of vital importance. During this module we will go deep into the principles of how to create powerful rituals that can serve as tools for healing and empowerment in the modern world. We will also dive into the elemental world, discover how the elements can support us in our daily life and how to work with the elements to bring about transformation and cultivate a regenerative lifestyle.

On the last day, you will plan and give a ceremony to one of your fellow students as a partner under guidance, and you will also have your own transition ceremony.

Module 5

Clearing the Timeline

In this module, we learn how to travel the timeline to clear out excessive energy that no longer serves us. Our primary focus will be to neutralize the ancestral wounds that have persisted through your family tree for generations.

Through the process of neutralizing and transforming these wounds, we not only restore balance in ourselves and our family lineage, but also in the collective field. Furthermore students will be initiated into intuitive work, learn how to access the intuitive channels and start to learn how to use them in order to foster a more empowering and harmonious life for themselves and others. 

Module 4

World of Relationships

During this weekend we continue our journey deeper into the realms of shamanic practices. We start with the healing work focused on our relationships and the ancestral lineage. When investigating our close relationships we often come across both our light and the shadowy aspects within us. We are the living manifestation of our family tree, and therefore, it’s essential to work on the healing of this tree in order to heal ourselves.


We will learn different ways of how to clear the energetic binding between ourselves and others and to reclaim the power we may have been given away in our relationships, to restore harmony and balance. 

We also tap into sexual healing and wisdom (no sexual practice during the workshop). You will be given tools to facilitate the healing of your own sexuality - your creative life force, and learn to cultivate this principal energy inside yourself. 

Module 6

Rites og passage

Rites of passage as we know them in modern society marks important transitions in a person's life. The most known includes events such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children and death.

A Rite of Passage can also mark an inner passage, such as marriage between the inner feminine and masculine or a transition that brings new depth, clarity or maturity in one's life. It can revolve around  finding your inner joy, love for yourself or shredding past limitations.

In this module, our emphasis will be on cultivating greater resilience in facing life’s challenges, to offer guidance and support as individuals transition from their current roles and prepare to embrace new phases in life, and learning to love our shadow aspects.

Modul 3 & 4
Modl 5 & 6

Your Guides on the Journey

Kjetil and Daniella serve as custodians and ambassadors of ancient wisdom, acting as bridges between the past and the present. Firmly grounded in their ancestral Sami culture that shaped their upbringing, their goal is to steer you towards greater resilience and the ability to live an authentic, sustainable, and empowered life for yourself, your loved ones and the coming generations.


With an unwavering commitment, they have spent the past two decades facilitating transformations, guiding and supporting thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds on life-changing journeys. Bridging the gap between ancient traditions and the fast-paced modern world.


Their mission is to ensure that the profound wisdom embedded in these old traditions holds a meaningful place in our contemporary lives. They are remarkable space-holders, motivated by an innate passion to facilitate enduring change.


They extend a warm and open-hearted invitation to kindred spirits worldwide. Their aim is to create a secure space where everyone can feel an integral part of the transformative journey.


Katrine Morrissey

I’ve been honored to follow Daniella and Kjetil as a student and assistant on their courses since 2020. I hope you may be inspired to take the leap, as I did, and learn with them. Daniella teaches with a profound clarity and direction, making difficult subjects easier to understand. She has excellent organizational skills and a good understanding of how to move things forward. She will meet you where you’re at and walk with you to wholeness. Kjetil brings warmth and humor together with the excellent craftsmanship he has gained over the years as a teacher and therapist. He knows his subject very well, and he harnesses the art of knowing how to teach it to different groups of people. The way he teaches is deep and dynamic. They both know how to play and have fun in the classroom, and they are deeply rooted in their mission and integrity. Together they create a safe and trusting environment for deep healing and learning. They are a clear, powerful and dynamic team, communicating well between each other and the rest of the teacher team, always with a professional atitude. With them I always feel accepted for exactly who I am, I feel seen and appreciated, and I know that they believe in my abilities and worth. I love working and learning with them, and I look forward to working with them in the future!