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About Vaajma

Vaajma Academy was founded by Daniell Broche and Kjetil Kvalvik. 

We offer educational programs, workshops, and mentorship programs that are transformative and developmental for individuals seeking spiritual growth and personal development. With more than 30 years of experience together and tens of thousands of hours of courses and treatments, we have become one of the leading institutions in our field in the Nordic region. 

Our main programs is our craniosacral education and our Shamanic Heart path program;  Way of the White Reindeer.

The craniosacral education spans over 2 years and aims to educate therapists who not only achieve certification but also find their inner essens and become the most authentic version of themselves on their journey.

The Way of the White Reindeer program is an 18-month study program that provides a thorough introduction to shamanic work and gives participants the opportunity to transform their lives using ancient and proven tools.


We base our methods and tools on a solid foundation of both ancient, reliable traditions, and modern science like quantum physics. As guides and facilitators of these sacred spaces created in our programs, we emphasize safety, clear boundaries, and room for personal experiences and interpersonal connections with authentic personal growth as the goal.

We belive that changes starts from within. 

Join one of our programs and become part of a growing community of authentic and inspiring individuals who support and cherish each other's inner growth.


At Vaajma Academy, we stand as stewards of ancient wisdom, fostering a deep connection with nature that guides us towards sustainable living and transformative change.


Rooted in the ancestral heritage of the Sami culture, our mission extends beyond preservation—it's about embracing a regenerative lifestyle and nurturing profound connections with the natural elements.


For over two decades, our journey has been about guiding individuals on transformative paths. In a world constantly evolving, we serve as conduits between timeless wisdom and the challenges of modern life.


Our fervor lies in fostering enduring change, holding spaces for exploration, growth, and communion with our self and the natural world. We weave together the threads of ancient teachings with contemporary understanding and shaping a brighter future through our deep bond with nature.


Our commitment extends to cultivating a sustainable lifestyle, not just for ourselves but for the well-being of our communities and the legacy we leave for generations to come.


Vaajma Academy is more than an institution; it's a sanctuary where nature's wisdom intertwines with human potential, where a regenerative lifestyle isn't just a choice but a way of being.

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