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Vaajma Craniosacral training

Learn the art of sensitive touch, the finesse of deep listening, and the proficiency to read bodies, energy fields, and psyches.

Welcome to Our Craniosacral training

Unlock the mysteries of the body's natural healing potential with our comprehensive Study Program.

Whether you're a healthcare professional looking to expand your skills or someone passionate about holistic wellness, our program offers a unique and in-depth education and exploration of craniosacral therapy.

In the realm of holistic healing modalities, craniosacral work emerges as a gentle yet profound method that transcends the physical, delving into the spiritual realms of the human experience. At its core, craniosacral therapy operates on the principle that within each of us lies an innate rhythm, a subtle pulsation that reverberates throughout our bodies, known as the craniosacral rhythm.

From a spiritual standpoint, this rhythm is believed to encapsulate the essence of our life force, the very breath of existence that connects us to the universe at large. Practitioners of craniosacral therapy perceive this rhythm as a manifestation of a deeper spiritual intelligence that orchestrates our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of this practice lies the concept of presence—a deep, attentive presence that both the practitioner and recipient cultivate. Through gentle touch and profound listening, the practitioner tunes into the subtle movements and patterns within the craniosacral system, aiming to detect any restrictions, imbalances, or disruptions in the flow of this vital life force.

From a spiritual perspective, these restrictions are often seen as manifestations of unresolved emotional traumas, blockages, or tensions held within the body. By gently addressing these imbalances through subtle adjustments and energetic alignment, craniosacral therapy endeavors to facilitate a profound healing process that extends beyond the physical body and reaches into the depths of one's spirit.

Moreover, the therapeutic journey in craniosacral work transcends the mere alleviation of symptoms; it aspires to awaken an individual to a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner harmony. As the body releases stored tensions and traumas, there arises a space for spiritual transformation—a reconnection with the innate wisdom and resilience present within each individual.

In this context, craniosacral therapy becomes a sacred dance—an exploration of the body's subtle energies and a harmonious dialogue between the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. It invites individuals to embark on an inward journey, fostering a greater understanding of their spiritual essence and facilitating a profound sense of wholeness and alignment.

Ultimately, while craniosacral work finds its roots in the physical body, its effects ripple far beyond, touching the realms of the soul. It serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder of the intricate connection between the physical and the spiritual, inviting individuals to embrace a holistic approach to healing—one that honors the unity of mind, body, and spirit.

In the convergence of the rhythmic pulsations within us and the universal cosmic flow, craniosacral work unfolds as a sacred art, offering a gateway to deeper spiritual insights, inner balance, and profound healing.

The journey

Embark on a comprehensive two-year  long journey with us into the realm of craniosacral work, the program is meticulously structured across nine modules, each spanning four days.

This program transcends mere instruction; it is a meticulously curated exploration designed to facilitate a profound and authentic self-discovery. 

About the work?

The education is based on  traditions that stretches back many thousands of years. We find traces of this type of work in ancient traditions all over the globe.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the modality was assembled into a modern holistic system by the bioenergetic genius and visionary William Garner Sutherland. 

The art of listening

In craniosacral work, we listen deeply to the rhythms of the soul, move energy and spirit, make small adjustments in the bone structure. We work directly with the cerebrospinal fluid, central nervous system, membranes, muscles and connective tissue, and interact with the body's own intelligence, with the intention of personal growth, to bring body, mind and soul back to health and balance.

About the Study Program

The craniosacral training is designed as a profound and comprehensive healing process with the aim for you to discover the most authentic version of yourself throughout the journey.

Throughout the program, you'll be provided with timeless tools rooted in ancient holistic healing traditions, confirmed by modern understanding and research on human functionality. You'll have space for support and guidance from knowledgeable individuals who have walked the path before you, enabling you to progress in your development and learn how to live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings in today's society, connected to nature's rhythm and the Earth's pulse, in touch with your soul's highest potential.

The program is modular, consisting of 8 modules over 4 days each, spanning 2 years, designed so you can study at your own pace.

We offer two different study paths:

  1. Professional Path: For those who are or wish to become therapists, participating not only for their own personal development but as part of professional education or to acquire tools for their existing therapeutic practice.

  2. Personal Path: For those primarily participating in the study program for their own personal development. For these individuals, there's more flexibility and fewer requirements for activity between sessions, and no exams.

At our academy, we have a shamanistic foundational philosophy where connection with inner and outer nature is fundamental. Throughout the program, you'll learn craniosacral techniques, shamanistic practices and philosophy, sensitive touch, the art of listening, reading people's bodies, energy fields, and psyche. Additionally, we work on developing resilience, finding inner strength, joy, silence, and deep peace through touch, meditation practices, breathwork, yoga, and other methods that connect with your soul's highest potential.



Conscious touch

Basic Craniosacral Techniques

Find Your Point of Balance

Craniosacral Anatomy


Craniosacral Balancing


Philosophy and Understanding


Learning How to Tune In


Meditation and Breathwork



Still Point and Fulcrum

Rhythms and Frequencies


Energy Anatomy


The Art of Listening


Inner Ear Work


Learning How to Read the Client

Expanded States of Consciousness



Somatic Trauma Work

Activation of the Body's



Body-Mind Connection


Four-Handed Work


Shamanic Approach


Working with Elements of Nature


Shamanic heart

Empathic Understanding

Learning to See from the Heart


Ways to Touch the Heart


Chakra Work


Shamanic Heart Constellation


Ceremonial Work


Fundamental Work

Pelvic, Hip, and Leg Techniques

The Art of Grounding


Building a Strong Foundation


Expanded Perception


Relational Work


Shamanic Cord Cutting


Meridians, Organs, and Glands


Column Work

Core Link Work

Finding Your Column


Neck and Spine Techniques


Atlas and Axis Techniques


Whiplash Work


Unwinding of Jaw and Neck


Inner and Outer Mythology


The Visionary eye

Facial Bones and Sphenoid

Balancing the Inner Eye


Regression Work


Integration and Understanding of



Interpretation of Clairvoyance


Becoming a Neutral Channel


Inner Knowing


Authentic Expression

Finding One's True Expression

Deepening Development of


Intuitive Channels


Reading the Client


Spiritual Guidance


Vaajma Coaching


Integration Work

Practical information ( terms & conditions)

All modules include a balanced blend of theory, encompassing anatomy and philosophy, demonstrations, individual and group exercises and practices.

Each morning begins with meditation practices and circle sharing before transitioning to theoretical teachings or practical exercises.

Start of Cohort 2: September 19, 2024

Teaching Schedule:

  • Thursdays: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM  (Exept module 4 that is in nature)



  • Module 1: September 19-22, 2024

  • Module 2: October 24-27, 2024

  • Module 3: March 6-9, 2025

  • Module 4: May 1-4, 2025

  • Module 5: September 11-14, 2025

  • Module 6: October 23-26, 2025

  • Module 7: March 5-8, 2026

  • Module 8: April 30 - May 3, 2026

Note: All students who have completed at least 4 modules can apply to be assistants in modules they have attended, learning the art of holding sacred space for others' processes.

During each module, you will learn a specific number of therapeutic techniques. Together, we engage in processes during the module, and you will be introduced to new meditations, simple yoga asanas, and other exercises that you can use in your own practice or to support clients' processes. Each module also focuses on the development of a new intuitive channel. Additionally, there will be a self-development task and group task during the module.

Total of 320 teaching hours divided into 8 Modules.

+ 160 hours of self-study for those following the professional path (20h between each module).


Total of 480 hours over 2 years.



Instructions in Norwegian and English.

Required reading materials only in English.

However, for each module, you will receive a study compendium in Norwegian with excerpts from the reading materials and techniques covered in the module.


Mandatory Reading Books:

Heart of Listening Vol. 1 and 2 by Hugh Milne


Optional Reading Books:

"Craniosacral Chi Kung: Integrating Body and Emotion in the Cosmic Flow" by Mantak Chia and Joyce Thom.

"BodyMind" by Ken Dychtwald.


How many students?

Maximum 22 students per cohort.

During each module, there will be at least 1 assistant teacher per 5 students to ensure good follow-up and quality of teaching.


Practice and Exercises:

Practice sessions will be arranged at our academy where students can practice and review techniques together.

After the 2nd module, you will have enough tools to start practicing on clients privately.


Otherwise, students practice and study at their own pace between modules.

It is recommended to allocate a few hours each week for practice, studies, and other exercises.



As a student with us, you gain access to a network of students, experienced therapists, and healers who support and encourage you along the way.

A closed Facebook group for the student cohort will be created, where you can share professional information, your experiences, and processes with fellow students. Together, we are strong!

Do you need to take an exam?

No. We offer two different educational paths:

Personal Path:

For those pursuing education primarily for personal development. There is no need to practice on clients between sessions, and there is no exam. Only 8 modules.


Professional Path:

You don't need to decide on the professional path until the second year of your studies. Many find that the knowledge and methods they learn during their studies can easily be integrated into other types of work and different parts of life. If you choose the professional path, there are requirements for client practice and submission of a specialization task before the exam. The specialization task consists of at least 6 sessions with the same client, documenting the process and your and the client's development.



Individual exam when you are ready after completing 8 modules.

Exam costs are 2500 NOK and include a theoretical home exam.


Once you pass the theoretical exam, we will arrange a practical exam where you will work on a client with a teacher present or directly with the teacher for evaluation of your professional level.

To qualify for the exam, you must have received at least 10 craniosacral treatments outside study gatherings from a teacher or a craniosacral practitioner approved by us. Also, you need to have submitted at least 50 client forms.


What if you miss a module?

If you miss a module due to illness or circumstances beyond your control, you can, by arrangement, make it up later, either at the next opportunity at your study location or at other locations where we conduct the education.



After completing all 8 modules, you'll receive a course certificate for all 8 modules. Upon completion and passing of the exam, you'll receive a diploma showing that you are an approved craniosacral therapist from the Eana Academy. After completing the exams and 12 modules, and assisting in at least 5 different modules, you'll earn the title of Vaajma Master Practitioner, and your profile can be listed as a recommended therapist on our website.

Can I work as a certified therapist after the exam?

Craniosacral therapy is not publicly accredited. As a student, you can apply for membership with NLH, which is a professional organization that accredits therapists. Our study plan meets the accreditation requirements.

If you wish to become an accredited therapist in the Brønnøysund Register, in addition to passing our exams, you need to complete VEKS courses and Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology. We do not offer these studies, but they can be taken as online courses at, for example, Tunsberg Medical School ( or NLH.


The registration deadline is 4 weeks before the start of each year.

The program has been fully subscribed in recent years, so it's wise to register well before the deadline. Upon registration, you'll receive an invoice that must be paid within 7 days to secure your spot.

Registration is financially binding. Once you've registered for the education, you're committed financially, similar to purchasing any product or service. If you become ill and cannot complete the studies, you'll need to provide a medical certificate stating that you're not fit to complete the studies within the next 3 years to cancel the contract. If you have chronic illnesses or other health conditions that could make it difficult to complete the studies if they worsen, you're obligated to inform us so we can take it into account.

Feel free to contact us for an assessment conversation before registration if needed.


Cancellation and Postponement:

Vaajma Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone the study if there aren't at least 12 enrolled students 3 weeks before the start. In case of cancellation, the full amount paid will be refunded.

In the event of a 6-month postponement due to circumstances beyond our control such as Covid-19 restrictions, the study fee will not be refunded but transferred to the new start date.

Vaajma Academy reserves the right to postpone or change the dates of study weekends before or during the course if circumstances beyond our control affect the modules' implementation.


Choose between paying the full amount before the start or partial payment.

Option 1: Payment of the entire amount upon registration. You'll receive an invoice for the entire amount to be paid within 14 days after registration.

Total: NOK 54000,-


Option 2: NOK 4,000 non-refundable registration fee upon registration. Then NOK 2,500,- per month over 22 months.

Total: NOK 59,000,-

All modules except Module 4 will be held in  Oslo except  module 4 that is an retreat module and will take place at a retreat location in natural surroundings where students will stay together for 4 days. Additional travel, accommodation, and food expenses will be incurred for Module 4. 



If you have any questions about the education or want to book an online conversation regarding the education, please contact Kjetil at +47 979 45 223 or email:


Please fill out the form to register for the study program

Thanks for submitting! Check you email for a welcome letter. You will get an email with invoice within a few days.