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The Way of the White Reindeer Program: A Transformative Journey


Step onto the path of the white reindeer, an immersive and module-based program that unfolds over 18 months through six captivating weekend modules. This program is not just an educational endeavor; it's a profound personal and spiritual journey into the heart of shamanism—a journey where you deepen your connection with Mother Earth and tap into the universal and elemental forces that have shaped our world.


Registration & Payment Options

Option 1: NOK 4000 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment. Subsequently, you'll receive an invoice on your registered e-mail for the remaining NOK 20.000,- fee due 10 days after registration. 

Total: NOK 24,000,-


Option 2: NOK 4000 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment. Subsequently, NOK 2,000 per month for 12 months from the registration date on your registered e-mail.

Total: NOK 28,000,-


Registration becomes binding 14 days after registration, per Norwegian law. Subsequently, you are bound by a financial contract, akin to purchasing any product or service


Startup 24.november 2023

Shamanic heart path studies

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  • Health

    If you have chronic diseases or health conditions that may impact your studies, it is mandatory to provide this information for our consideration.

    In the event of illness preventing the completion of studies, a doctor's statement indicating the lack of health prerequisites within the next 3 years is required for contract cancellation

    Diagnoses and Medications

    If you have a history of severe psychiatric diagnoses, heavy drug use, or alcohol abuse, it's essential to inform us before enrolling. This doesn't necessarily preclude enrollment, but a conversation and assessment are necessary for the safety of all students.

    Cancellation or Postponement

    Vaajma reserves the right to cancel or postpone training if there are fewer than 10 registered students three weeks before the start. In the case of cancellation, a full refund will be issued. In the event of a postponement (up to 6 months), due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g., Covid-19 restrictions), tuition won't be reimbursed but will be transferred to a new start date. Vaajma may also adjust study weekend dates based on unforeseen circumstances.



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