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The 12 months Mentorship Program include:

  • 10 in-person sessions in Oslo or nature around

  • 10 online coaching sessions (45 minutes each) 

  • Specially designed self-growth program covering grounding, boundaries, relationships, spiritual practice, intuition, mindset, survival patterns, and more

Payment options:


Option 1: NOK 4000 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment. Subsequently, you'll receive an invoice on your registered e-mail for the remaining NOK 20.000,- fee due 10 days after registration. 

Total: NOK 24,000,-


Option 2: NOK 4000 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment. Subsequently, NOK 2,000 per month for 11 months from the registration date on your registered e-mail.

Total: NOK 26,000,-


Registration becomes binding 14 days after registration, per Norwegian law. Subsequently, you are bound by a financial contract, akin to purchasing any product or service.

Are you ready to transform your life and embrace the extraordinary?


Join our Mentorship Program today!

Mentorship Program

Price Options
Craniosacral trainin
Recuring payment
kr4,000.00every month for 22 months
  • Health

    If you have chronic diseases or health conditions that may impact your studies, it is mandatory to provide this information for our consideration.

    In the event of illness preventing the completion of studies, a doctor's statement indicating the lack of health prerequisites within the next 3 years is required for contract cancellation

    Diagnoses and Medications

    If you have a history of severe psychiatric diagnoses, heavy drug use, or alcohol abuse, it's essential to inform us before enrolling. This doesn't necessarily preclude enrollment, but a conversation and assessment are necessary for the safety of all students.

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