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tor. 24. apr.


Ytre Enebakk

Shamanic studies: Rites of Passage

Modul 6 in The Way of The White Reindeer program Elemental immersion Shadow and light work Building a shelter in nature The art of creating a sacred fire Vision quest Rites of Passage Ceremony

Shamanic studies: Rites of Passage
Shamanic studies: Rites of Passage

Tid og sted

24. apr. 2025, 12:00 CEST – 27. apr. 2025, 19:00 CEST

Ytre Enebakk, Sulerudveien 253, 1914 Ytre Enebakk, Norway

Om arrangementet

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage as we know them in modern society marks important transitions in a person's life. The most known includes events such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children and death.

A Rite of Passage can also mark an inner passage, such as marriage between the inner feminine and masculine or a transition that brings new depth, clarity or maturity in one's life. It can revolve around  finding your inner joy, love for yourself or shredding past limitations.

In this module, our emphasis will be on cultivating greater resilience in facing life’s challenges, to offer guidance and support as individuals transition from their current roles and prepare to embrace new phases in life, and learning to love our shadow aspects.

The module begins with 1 day of mapping, through tasks and questions and preparation for the ancient tradition of the Vision Quest.  You will spend 48 hours alone in nature without stimuli, to get in contact with your essence, nature, guiding spirits and your inherent potential. On the last day we will plan and hold a collective Rite of passage ceremony as a group and celebrate the end of this journey together.

Only for student of The Path of White Reindeer program


  • Rites of Passage

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